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    2018 October: How to Write an Effective Business Case

    Date: October 16, 2018, 11:15am – 1:00pm
    Crowne Plaza
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    How to Write an Effective Business Case

    Why put time and effort into preparing, writing, and presenting a business case for new projects? Why not just talk to the manager and get his approval for the project? The answers to these questions lie in the fact that organizational budgets for new projects are typically very tight and, as such, your project will be competing against other projects for funding. Without a written business case, your chances of persuading decision makers within your organization to implement your new project idea, instead of a competing project, stand little chance.


    Ryan Gilbert is an experienced business development officer with more than a decade of executive-level management practice. Ryan has worked extensively in international trade, education/training, global market evaluation and enterprise marketing. He is an expert in customer relationship management, financial planning and business case analysis. Ryan enjoys the challenge of social-enterprise consulting and providing executive management training. Ryan founded and managed an international trade business based in Southern Japan following his honorable discharge from the US Marine Corps in the 1990’s.  He also co-founded a national non-profit training and education organization headquartered in Alaska.

    Education: B.S. in Global Business and Public Policy from University of Maryland College Park