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Volunteer Openings

    Volunteering is a gratifying way to share your experience and talents with your community. The Anchorage Society for Human Resource Management promotes the concept of “paying it forward” and giving back to both our HR community and our Alaskan community.

    If you have been considering volunteering with ASHRM we would be happy to help you find out how to do it!

    Want to Volunteer?

    You may have useful resources to offer, some spare time to donate occasionally, or are seeking an ongoing opportunity to expand your own development as well as networking and leadership skills. No matter your situation, if you’re interested in becoming an ASHRM volunteer get in contact with the Volunteer Committee Chair about upcoming opportunities. You can start by sharing your interests and availability by filling out the following form.

    Looking for some help?

    Volunteer opportunities for ASHRM members are generated by local HR Professionals striving to complete projects and activities that enhance our chapter, profession and community. Are you working on putting a project or event together and need some help? If you are, contact the Volunteer Committee Chair.  By filling out the following form you can give us a clear idea about the scope of your project or event and how ASHRM volunteers can help make it happen!